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Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller.

Steve Romano is a freelance DP/Director with an extremely refined visual style and technique. Shooting amazing and spectacular food and high speed projects all over the world. Experienced in the mastering many complicated SFX and techniques. He specializes in working with local production-company’s and crew’s . Bringing in all his knowledge and experience to keep production cost low and practical.  He is completely independent professional, based in New York but travels to every country.  Steves flexibility enables him to work on small creative jobs for local production companies and Agency’s to big worldwide campaigns.  

Steve is a pioneer in the high speed camera world. A high speed expert, he helped Vision Research develop the Phantom HD for the Film world. Now with the opening of his own Studio "VELOCITY MEDIA STUDIOS" in Yonkers New York, and the recent acquisition of "The BoltX", Steve has the ability to be the one stop shop for all your shooting needs.

After his study in Film and Art, Steve Romano worked with Special effects company APA studios and then moving on to work under famed tabletop Director Bruce Nadel. Now a Cinematographer as well as Director , Steve has worked on many award winning Commercials, Movies, Narrative, TV, Web, Reality, Branding, and Documentaries. He specializing in food & tabletop in combination with live action. He is very experienced in working with all high-speed cameras and motion control systems all over the world.

With more than 20 years in film and video production, Steves' extensive knowledge and experience in every aspect of production and Cinematography work allows him to pull together crews equipment and stages.

Steve is a versatile DP/Director and one of few who are willing to take up difficult projects – liquids, ice cream, chocolate, juice, beer, and fruits. He truley has a hands on personality! 

The name of Steve Romano guarantees that the picture will be ideal and unique. 

You can contact him directly.

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