Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Steve Romano grew up in a creative environment. His father was a commercial artist, and Steve's own early interests were Art as well as music. As a drummer, he still plays with bands in and around the city. After studying Film and Television, with a minor in Art, his first film job was actually as a PA/set builder for a low-budget porn company. “The guy told me he did horror movies," Steve recalls with appropriate amusement. "It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.” Money disputes ended the brief porn career, and Steve found his way to a series of staff positions, first with APA Studios, a special effects company and then to commercial production at One Such Films, Wildlife Management, and 50 Mile Radius working with TableTop Director Bruce Nadel.

Currently a DP/Cameraman, Steve is a Phantom camera pioneer. He beta tested the Phantom HD for Vision Research, as well as owning one of the first manufactured HDs. Steve admits, “It’s still magic to see 1000 fps played back immediately." 

Velocity Media Systems was formed from the need for Digital High-Speed imaging. With over 20 years in the film and video industry, Owner/Operator Steve Romano committed himself to finding the camera technology that would achieve a variable frame rate of up to 1000 fps and beyond. After an exhaustive search and having learned most all of the high speed systems, Steve found Vision Research. For over five years he worked closely with Vision Research to build a camera specifically designed for the film and video production world. That camera is known as the Phantom HD and the all new Flex!. Now, Velocity Media Systems has partnered with Abel Cine Tech to bring this “Cutting Edge” technology to the world. 

Steve has now developed a”non-tethered” underwater housing for the Phantom Flex. This now enables the operator/tech to go any where with the camera. No wires to the surface, makes the system able to reach remote locations. 


With over 20 years in Film and Video production, Steve has the knowledge and work experience in every aspect of production. Steve has worked on staff at special effects company APA studios as well as OneSuch Films with Table Top Director Bruce Nadel.


Steve has spent his years freelancing as DP, DIT, AC, director, producer and coordinator. As the world turns toward the ease and cost effectiveness of Digital, Steve saw the need for High-speed HD. Now Steve is an expert in the field and is currently training others to fill the ever expanding field. Steve is a member of Local 600 and Just won the ECA grand prize in cinematography, and continues to shoot, edit, direct and produce. He is a still photographer, advanced scuba diver and accomplished drummer.